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1 | Be Impartial

1 | Be Impartial

Bible Teaching:

“God is not partial, but in every nation [everyone] who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.”​ACTS 10:34, 35.

What It Means:

Jehovah * God does not judge us by our nationality, race, skin color, or culture. Rather, he focuses on what really counts​—what we are on the inside. Indeed, “mere man sees what appears to the eyes, but Jehovah sees into the heart.”​—1 Samuel 16:7.

What You Can Do:

Although we cannot read hearts, we can try to imitate God and view others impartially. Strive to see people as individuals rather than as groups. If you sense that you have negative feelings toward others​—perhaps those of another race or nationality—​pray to God and ask him to help you root out such feelings. (Psalm 139:23, 24) If you sincerely ask Jehovah to give you the strength to be impartial, you can be sure that he will listen to your prayer and help you.​—1 Peter 3:12.

^ par. 6 Jehovah is God’s personal name.​—Psalm 83:18.

“I had never before sat down peacefully with a white person . . . Now I was part of a genuine international brotherhood.”​—TITUS