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Enjoy Life Forever!

In this free interactive Bible course, you will get answers to such questions as:

  • How can I find happiness in life?

  • Will evil and suffering ever end?

  • Will I ever see my dead loved ones again?

  • Does God really care about me?

  • How can I pray and be heard by God?

Free of Charge

You will get the entire course free, including the study guide Enjoy Life Forever! and a Bible if you need one.


Meet with an instructor either in person or virtually—anytime, anywhere.

No Obligation

You can cancel at any time—no commitment.

How does our Bible course work?

A personal instructor will help you learn what the Bible teaches, topic by topic. In the interactive Bible course Enjoy Life Forever! you will progressively discover the Bible’s message as well as how it can help you. To learn more, watch this video or check out some frequently-asked questions about the course.

Want to preview the material?

Take a look at the introductory lessons for the course.

Ready to try it out?

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