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Faith and Worship


What Is Spirituality? Can I Be Spiritual Without Religion?

Get three suggestions for developing spirituality, and identify four common misconceptions about it.

Are All Religions the Same? Do They All Lead to God?

Two factors highlighted in the Bible provide the answer.

Is It Necessary to Belong to an Organized Religion?

Can a person simply worship God on his own?

Why Are There So Many Christian Denominations?

Is this what Jesus, the founder of Christianity, intended?

How Can You Find the True Religion?

The Bible identifies nine features of religious truth.

Who Is the Antichrist?

Is he coming, or is he already here?

What Does It Mean to Be Holy?

Can imperfect people, like us, be holy?


Will God Help Me if I Pray?

Does God really care about our problems?

Why Pray? Will God Answer Me?

Whether God will answer you when you pray is largely up to you.

How to Pray​—Is the Lord’s Prayer the Best Way?

Is the Our Father prayer the only one that God accepts?

What Can I Pray For?

Find out why personal concerns are not too trivial for God to consider.

Why Pray in Jesus’ Name?

Consider how praying in Jesus’ name honors God, and how it shows respect for Jesus.

Should I Pray to Saints?

Learn what the Bible says about whom we should pray to.

Why Does God Reject Some Prayers?

Learn what type of prayers God does not answer and what kind of people God does not listen to.


Is Belief in Jesus Enough for Salvation?

The Bible describes some who believe in Jesus but who will not be saved. How can that be?

What Is Salvation?

What is the way to salvation? And what is a person saved from?

Jesus Saves​—How?

Why do we need Jesus to plead for us? Is belief in Jesus all that we need to be saved?

Why Did Jesus Die?

If his death benefits us, how exactly does it do so?

How Is Jesus’ Sacrifice “a Ransom for Many”?

How does the ransom provide redemption from sin?

What Is Baptism?

Many water baptisms are recorded in the Bible, revealing the meaning and importance of baptism.

Does the Bible Teach ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’?

Jesus gave an illustration that answers the question.

What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?

Do you have to be born again to be a Christian?

Sin and Forgiveness

What Was the Original Sin?

Adam and Eve disobeyed God and passed on their sinful condition, like a genetic defect, to all their descendants.

What Is Sin?

Are some sins worse than others?

What Is Forgiveness?

The Bible provides five steps that can help you to forgive someone.

Will God Forgive Me?

Consider what the Bible says about how to receive God’s forgiveness.

Can the Bible Help if I Feel Guilty?

Excessive guilt can paralyze you, but three steps can help you to move forward.

Are There “Seven Deadly Sins”?

Where does this description come from? And what is the difference between a sin that incurs death and one that does not?

What Is the Unforgivable Sin?

How can you know if you have committed the unforgivable sin?

What Does “an Eye for an Eye” Mean?

Does the “eye for an eye” rule encourage vigilante justice?

What Does the Bible Say About Alcohol? Is Drinking It a Sin?

The Bible actually mentions several positive aspects of wine and other alcoholic drinks.

Is Smoking a Sin?

If smoking is not mentioned in the Bible, how can it be possible to answer this question?

Is Gambling a Sin?

The Bible does not discuss gambling in detail, so how can we know what God’s view is?

Religious Practices

What Does the Bible Say About Tithing?

The difference between what the Bible actually says and what some think that it says might surprise you.

Should We Worship Images?

Does God care if we use images or idols in our worship?

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

If not, then why does the Bible call the Sabbath a perpetual covenant?

What Does the Bible Teach About Speaking in Tongues?

Does this gift of the spirit identify true Christians?

What Does the Bible Say About Fasting?

Under what circumstances did some in the Bible fast? Is fasting required for Christians?

What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

What kind of giving is pleasing to God?

What Are the Ten Commandments of God?

Who were they given to? Are Christians required to keep them?