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Devastating Earthquakes

Did the Bible predict them?


What Does the Bible Say About Gratitude?

Showing this quality has many proven benefits. How can it help you, and how can you cultivate it?

Women in the Bible​—What Can We Learn From Them?

See the contrast between some great women in the Bible and others who were downright wicked.

A World in Turmoil

This issue of Awake! explains how you can cope.


How to Be a Good Dad

Make a lasting difference in your child’s life by applying this Bible-based advice.


Is a Fair Economic System Possible?

Will there ever be a time when all people have what they need?


Is Belief in Jesus Enough for Salvation?

The Bible describes some who believe in Jesus but who will not be saved. How can that be?

What the Bible Says About Anxiety

The right kind of anxiety can be useful; the wrong kind, harmful. How can you deal with it successfully?

Will the Cry for Justice Be Heard?

Have you suffered from injustice? What the Bible says can help you now.


Is God to Blame for Our Suffering?

People have been deceived by teachings that misrepresent God. What is the truth?

Which Leader Will You Choose?

What Does the Bible Say?


World Peace

Why is it so hard to achieve?


Politicians Warn of Armageddon

What Does the Bible Say?


Which Leader Has God Chosen?

In all history, only one person has qualified to lead God’s Kingdom government.


Severe Droughts

What does the Bible say?


Will Evil and Suffering Ever End?

Discover the answer with the help of our free Bible study program.


Can You Trust the Bible?

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How Can the Bible Help You?

Find out with our free interactive Bible study program.


What Is Our Free Bible Course Like?

Get answers to frequently asked questions.