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Russia’s Supreme Court Begins High-Profile Case Against Jehovah’s Witnesses

The hearing is scheduled to resume Thursday, April 6, 2017.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Planning for Major Public Events in 2017

There is a concerted global effort to invite the public to major annual events hosted by the Witnesses, beginning with the Memorial of Christ’s death.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Mobilize Global Response to Threat of Ban in Russia

Threatened with an imminent ban on their worship in Russia, Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide support their fellow worshippers in Russia by means of a global letter-writing campaign. Instructions are provided for those who would like to participate.


Witnesses Receive Highest Rating by GBI for Sustainable Design of New World Headquarters

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) awarded Jehovah’s Witnesses Four Green Globes for all seven of their eligible buildings in Warwick, New York.


Thai Officials Use Publications From Jehovah’s Witnesses to Aid Community Development

For the past three years, Thai officials have been using the Witnesses’ publications to address social issues.


Witnesses Awarded by Sign-Language Translation Associations in Colombia

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Colombia received two awards that recognized their efforts in the Colombian Sign Language community.