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Exterior of the new translation office

FEBRUARY 22, 2023

South Africa Branch Opens Remote Translation Office for Venda Language

South Africa Branch Opens Remote Translation Office for Venda Language

On December 7, 2022, a remote translation office (RTO) for the Venda language began operating in Makhado Municipality, South Africa. The translation team is composed of ten full-time and eight part-time translators.

There are approximately 1.2 million Venda-speaking people in South Africa and an additional 100,000 in Zimbabwe. Currently, there are a total of 28 Venda-language congregations in these two countries, with about 800 publishers.

The property had an existing house that was renovated to accommodate four residential apartments. A new building was constructed for the translation offices. An additional three apartments were purchased in a nearby complex for additional residential space.

The RTO was designed to take into account the local climate. For example, Brother Jody Palvie, who worked as a project manager with the Local Design/Construction Department, notes: “To combat the hot and humid weather of the area, the existing big, leafy trees were kept for their natural cooling properties and tiling and polished concrete were used extensively.”

Left: A video recording of a spiritual program. Right: Venda-language translators working together as a team

The new location allows the translation team to have more contact with Venda-speaking people. One translator comments: “We can now interact with native speakers on a daily basis. This improves our translation abilities, helping us to use words and expressions common in everyday life.” Another translator notes: “We are now located closer to Venda-speaking brothers and sisters who can help with recording videos and audio publications.”

We know that Jehovah will continue to bless the efforts of these brothers and sisters who are making every effort to “declare the praise of Jehovah” among the Venda-speaking population.—Psalm 145:21.