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Can Anything “Separate Us From God’s Love”?

Can Anything “Separate Us From God’s Love”?

Draw Close to God

Can Anything “Separate Us From God’s Love”?

Romans 8:38, 39

WHO of us does not need to be loved? Indeed, we thrive when we feel loved by family and friends. Sadly, though, human relationships can be very fragile and uncertain. Loved ones may hurt us, abandon us, or even reject us. Yet, there is someone whose love is unfailing. The love that Jehovah God has for his worshippers is beautifully described at Romans 8:38, 39.

“I am convinced,” says the apostle Paul. Convinced of what? That nothing can “separate us from God’s love.” Paul speaks not just for himself but also for “us”​—that is, for all who serve God loyally. To emphasize his point, Paul lists a number of things that cannot prevent Jehovah’s love from reaching his devoted servants.

“Neither death nor life.” Jehovah’s love for his people does not cease when they die. In proof of his love, God keeps such ones in his memory, and he will restore them to life in the righteous new world to come. (John 5:28, 29; Revelation 21:3, 4) Meanwhile, God’s love for his loyal worshippers remains constant no matter what life in this system of things may bring them.

“Nor angels nor governments.” Humans can be susceptible to the influence of powerful individuals or authorities, but not so with Jehovah. Mighty spirit creatures, such as the angel who became Satan, cannot persuade God to stop loving his worshippers. (Revelation 12:10) Neither can governments, which may oppose true Christians, alter God’s view of his servants.​—1 Corinthians 4:13.

“Nor things now here nor things to come.” God’s love does not fade with time. There is nothing that can come upon his servants now or in the future that will cause God to stop loving them.

“Nor powers.” Paul has referred to heavenly and earthly forces​—“angels” and “governments”—​but now he mentions “powers.” The Greek word used here is broad in meaning. Whatever the precise meaning, one thing is certain: No power in heaven or on earth can keep Jehovah’s love from reaching his people.

“Nor height nor depth.” Jehovah loves his people regardless of the circumstances​—high or low—​in which they find themselves.

“Nor any other creation.” With these all-inclusive words, Paul is saying that absolutely nothing can separate loyal worshippers from Jehovah’s love.

Unlike the love of a human, which can change or fade, God’s love for those who keep looking to him in faith is unalterable; it is everlasting. Knowing this surely moves us to draw closer to Jehovah and to try our best to prove our love for him.