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Study Tip

Study Tip

Learn “Spiritual Songs” by Heart

“When I struggle with low self-esteem, Jehovah encourages me by means of the songs on JW Broadcasting®.”​—Lorraine, U.S.A.

“Spiritual songs” have always been part of Christian worship. (Col. 3:16) If you learn these songs by heart, they can help you even when you do not have access to a songbook or an electronic device. Try the following tips to help you to commit songs to memory.

  • Carefully read the lyrics to understand the meaning. You can recall information more easily when it makes sense to you. The lyrics for all our songs, including the original songs and the songs for children, are available on Under the Library section, go to Music.

  • Write out the lyrics by hand. Doing so will likely impress the words more deeply on your memory.​—Deut. 17:18.

  • Practice out loud. Read or sing the song repeatedly.

  • Test your memory. Try recalling the words without looking at the lyric sheet, and then check to see how well you did.