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Study Tip

Study Tip

Set Priorities

We all have a limited amount of time for personal study. How can we make the best use of it? First, take your time. You will actually benefit more by studying a little material carefully than by skimming through a lot of material.

Then, set some priorities. (Eph. 5:15, 16) Consider these suggestions:

  • Read the Bible every day. (Ps. 1:2) Our weekly Bible reading schedule for the midweek meeting is an excellent starting point.

  • Prepare for the Watchtower Study and the midweek meeting. Be ready to comment.​—Ps. 22:22.

  • As you have the time, keep up-to-date with other spiritual food, such as our public magazines, videos, and material published on

  • Do a study project. You could do research on a challenge you are facing, a question you have, or a Bible topic you would like to understand better. To get ideas, review the “Bible Study Activities” section on