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THE WATCHTOWER No. 3 2021 | A Secure Future​—How Can You Find It?

What can you do to find a secure future? The articles in this magazine will help you to examine your options. They will also help you to find the only source that can guarantee you a secure future.


A Secure Future—​Everyone’s Desire

When sudden and unexpected events upend society, what guidance can you trust?

What Really Determines Your Future?

Many who practice astrology, feng shui, or ancestor worship, along with those who believe in reincarnation, think that some unseen force controls their future.

Can Education and Money Guarantee a Secure Future?

Many have found that higher education and wealth produce an unexpected outcome.

Will Being a Good Person Guarantee a Secure Future?

Being a good person is important, but it is not enough to guarantee a secure future.

Is There a Reliable Guide to a Secure Future?

When making decisions, we usually consult someone who is older and wiser than we are. In a similar way, we can find sound guidance for our future.

You Can Choose Your Future

What choices are available to us?

The Way to a Secure Future

What do you think is the way to a secure future?