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AWAKE! No. 3 2021 | Should You Believe in a Creator?​—You Decide

The origin of the universe and of life on earth is a controversial topic. This issue of Awake! invites you to examine some intriguing facts on this subject and to reach your own conclusion. Did the universe come about as a result of a mindless process or the work of a Creator? Your answer could matter more than you realize.


How Can You Decide?

Questions about creation and the origin of life have puzzled many.

What the Universe Tells Us

The universe and the earth seem to be designed to make life possible. Could they be that way because they were designed?

What Life Tells Us

Living things make our planet uniquely beautiful. What does life tell us about its origin?

What Scientists Cannot Tell Us

Has science established how the universe and life began?

What the Bible Tells Us

Does its account harmonize with scientific facts?

Why the Answer Matters

If the evidence convinces you that an almighty God exists, you stand to benefit now and in the future.

Examine the Evidence

Determine for yourself if there is a basis for believing a Creator exists.