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AWAKE! No. 1 2022 | A World in Turmoil​—How You Can Cope

As world conditions worsen, more of us are suffering the tragic consequences of both natural disasters and man-made problems. Learn how you can cope with such challenges and minimize their effect on you and your loved ones.


A World in Turmoil—How Can You Cope?

When facing tragedy, be willing to take decisive action to protect yourself and your family.

1 | Protect Your Health

The more you protect your health, the better you can face distressing circumstances.

2 | Protect Your Livelihood

The better you manage your money, the better you may be able to cope during a crisis.

3 | Protect Your Relationships

Consider helpful tips to protect your marriage, your friendships, and your relationship with your children.

4 | Protect Your Hope

The Bible helps us cope with life’s problems and provides hope for the future.

In This Issue of Awake!

Read articles that can help you and your family cope with the turmoil affecting humankind.