Psalm 92:1-15

A melody. A song for the Sabbath day. 92  It is good to give thanks to Jehovah+And to sing praises* to your name, O Most High,   To declare your loyal love+ in the morningAnd your faithfulness during the nights,   Accompanied by a ten-stringed instrument and a lute,By the melodious sound of a harp.+   For you have made me rejoice, O Jehovah, because of your deeds;Because of the works of your hands I shout joyfully.   How great your works are, O Jehovah!+ How very deep your thoughts are!+   No unreasoning man can know them;And no foolish person can understand this:+   When the wicked sprout like weeds*And all the wrongdoers flourish,It is that they may be annihilated forever.+   But you are exalted forever, O Jehovah.   Indeed, look in triumph on your enemies, O Jehovah,Look at how your enemies will perish;All the wrongdoers will be scattered.+ 10  But you will exalt my strength* like that of a wild bull;I will moisten my skin with fresh oil.+ 11  My eyes will look in triumph on my foes;+My ears will hear about the downfall of the evil men who attack me. 12  But the righteous will flourish like a palm treeAnd grow big like a cedar in Lebʹa·non.+ 13  They are planted in the house of Jehovah;They flourish in the courtyards of our God.+ 14  Even in old age* they will still be thriving;+They will remain vigorous* and fresh,+ 15  Declaring that Jehovah is upright. He is my Rock,+ in whom there is no unrighteousness.


Or “make music.”
Or “grass.”
Lit., “horn.”
Or “during gray-headedness.”
Lit., “fat.”

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